Next Retreat:  November 5th-9th, 2019
Private Beachside Eco-Luxe Location in Mexico

5-Day, 4-night all-inclusive experiences.
As established, successful women we often live reactively, 
barely able to catch our breath as yet another 
demand comes our way. 

Because we are so often being of service to others, 
we lose track of what WE want even though we know 
somewhere deep inside that there must 
be a better way to live, with time and space for US. 

We catch glimpses of this better way 
and even achieve it from time to time 
(although we often feel guilty or undeserving of wanting it!)... 

Only to lose it again as our ‘normal’ worlds and relationships 
seem to resist the change, no mater how hard we try or want it!
Catalyst for Change
Attending a D11 retreat is a catalyst for you 
to achieve (and learn the skills to sustain!) 
a high-frequency life you love full of choice, 
spaciousness and connection.
  • Hit Pause. Have space for you to gain perspective, connect deeply with new friends and simply BE.
  • ​Discover Your Vision of a high frequency life and learn how to sustain it when you return home.  
  • ​Achieve Inner Clarity, see blind spots and let go of limiting beliefs through the loving reflection of feminine community -- all guided by skillful facilitators.
  • ​Rewire Old Habits and embody your new way of Being in real-time 
  • ​Deepen Trust in Your Intuition so that you can feel confident making decisions and setting boundaries.
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Join Us to Upgrade Your Frequency
Present Moment
Customized with personalized attention and curated specifically to YOU and your group. We will address where you are at NOW and where YOU WANT TO BE in a highly intentional, personalized manner.
Space for YOU
This is YOUR time for YOU... Built into our schedule is intentional space for YOU to honor self and your spiritual needs. We hold self care in high regard and self care is a GIVEN not the exception.
In Real Time
This isn't about following a script. This is about us showing up authentically to model IN REAL TIME how we create collaborative leadership with Self and others as we lead our lives, families, and businesses.
The QUANTUM MAGIC of Collaborative Leadership
In honoring Self and Other, while welcoming all that appears with curiosity 
and vulnerability, quantum magic arises.  

That magic is the Practice of Collaborative Leadership. 
Not a powerpoint presentation of never-remembered-when-you-need-them leadership training tactics,
 but the felt experience in real-time of real-life skills to access of your Best Self
regardless of the chaos within or surrounding.

From that place, your Leadership creates nourishing relationships (even in conflict!) and inspires Others.

After witnessing the results of past participants, we are committed to sharing these skills in support any 
woman seeking greater confidence, access to her intuition and desiring to inspire others to reach goals.

Best of all, anyone can learn this. It is not rocket science.

It simply takes a willingness to expand your comfort zone and 'try on' the best version of yourself 
while being witnessed in a group of supportive women seeking the same for themselves.

Experience deep connection with Self and Other to better lead complex situations at a high level. 

Come learn and play with us to
What is 'Collaborative Leadership in Real-Time'?
Learning skills applicable in real-world, real-time 
situations to sustainably lead a high-frequency life 
though embodying a collaborative, relational intention 
with Self & Others.
What is 'Collaborative Leadership in Real-Time'?
A 2-part transformational experience that accelerates your knowledge of and ability to live at a frequency your choice, and empowers you with skills to sustain that change at home to inspire others and deepen interpersonal connections.
What is 'Collaborative Leadership in Real-Time'?
“The higher the frequency of your energy or vibration, the lighter you feel in your physical, emotional, and mental bodies. You experience greater personal power, clarity, peace, love, and joy. You have little, if any, discomfort or pain in your physical body, and your emotions are easily dealt with. Your energy is literally full of light! Your life flows with synchronicity, and you manifest what you desire with ease. Overall, your life takes on a positive quality.” - P.D.Runtagh, HuffingtonPost
A Sample of Our Locations...
We partner with socially- and environmentally-conscious resorts
that curate the Spirit of their Land to ensure your transformative work is MAGNIFIED.
Mexico, Pacific Coast
November 5-9th, 2019 & April 2020
Playa Viva is a unique vintage of Eco-Luxury Resort. Designed to regenerate the land and guests, we have nearly a mile of private beach and 200 acres of pristine nature preserve at an boutique hotel exclusive to our group. 

Chosen to best nourish your transformation, energetic recharge and encourage lasting change. Come relax in the comfort of an environmentally-conscious resort that also hosts a productive sea turtle rescue (did we mention baby sea turtles?!)

Holistic wellness, farm-to-table meals and a commitment to honor and restore the land makes this the ideal haven to fully leave your stress patterns behind. 

Join us for a stay where the aliveness of the land regenerates itself and us. 
Bali, North Coast
December 2018
Bali Mandala... Has a special place in our heart.
Here we witnessed the beginnings of what is now Collaborative Leadership in Real-Time.
Possible location for December 2020.
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Co-Led by...
Isabelle Tierney
Teacher, Healer, Speaker
Isabelle Tierney, M.A., LMFT, is a healer, author, and speaker. She is the creator of “The Feel Good Life: How to Create Success without Stress”.

She has been in private practice internationally since 1996, helping people learn to live passionate, sacred and awakened lives. Her bent is psycho-spiritual, believing that we have to heal mind, body and spirit to become whole.

Isabelle works with individuals, couples, and groups. She’s on the team of the Unconventional Life, a business accelerator program for entrepreneurs, ranked #1 by Inc. Magazine. She also teaches, consults, trains and presents for various professional groups, businesses and organizations. 

Past positions have included adjunct professor at Naropa University and the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. She has lectured regularly at Core Power Yoga Bootcamp and is a contributing writer at Teen Truth.

Her home is in beautiful Boulder, Colorado where she maintains a full practice locally and abroad. She travels internationally leading workshops, and retreats, speaking to audiences on topics such as stress, addiction, and how to create Heaven on Earth.
An adventourous life has honed the skills Dainella brings as a Clarity Coach. Experience the powerful combination of Ortho-Bionomy® Somatic Awareness, a marketing lens and T3 Institute certified Relational Leadership & Facilitation skills for yourself. 

Her greatest delight is evoking clear insights from her clients by helping them access clarity on demand for themselves and interpret their 'human suit dashboards' so they can create a life and business they love.

She's often referred to as someone who provides safety and a grounding effect for others. This comes from a life spent pushing her comfort zone until she keenly knew the signals of her nervous system. From wildland firefighting, Antarctic life, meditation, outdoor leadership and entrepreneurship she draws on a diverse background to accelerate results for her clients.

Founder of Clarity with D, a resource for entrepreneurial women to access greater inner clarity and leverage that clarity in their leadership through communication skills. 
And, Founder of RhinoFox, a small digital marketing agency focusing on lead generation and brand presence through conversion-based online asset setup and management.
Dainella Nartker
Integrator, Marketer, Clarity Coach
Where and when is the next retreat?
November 5th-9th, 2019 is on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Learn more HERE.
December 2020. Location TBD, but the D11 Tribe is thinking 'beach'.
What will meals be like? I have allergies, will the food be safe for me?
Please, let us know on your registration form regarding any special dietary requirements you may have. The on-site chef can accommodate gluten-free, vegan diet very easily. 
Additional questions, or not sure if a D11 Retreat is a good fit for you? For answers...
Please, reach out directly to Isabelle at, or 303-817-6912. Or, Dainella Nartker, at (970) 648-0518
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